MYOB EXO (Exonet) Integration

Navigator is integrated with Exonet from MYOB. The WMS is tightly integrated with accounting system with seamless two-way data transfer. Navigator works with Exonet in all areas in the warehouse:


Navigator connects to Exonet to download supplier lists and purchase orders in real time. Navigator verifies all inbound items and allows for efficient put-away to lot numbered pallets and bin locations. On completion of the receipt, Navigator generates Inwards Goods transactions, allowing for supplier invoice creation inside Exonet.


Navigator downloads pick slips from Exonet and creates pick slips for processing by the warehouse. Pick slips can be processed in up to 13 different ways using either barcode scanning or voice direction. In all cases, we work with our clients to identify a process which enhances their operations. In all cases, Navigator 'supplies' the sales order at the conclusion of each pick.

Picking methods used in the past include:


Navigator's stocktake module allows a full warehouse count to be undertaken. At the conclusion of the count, Navigator provides a report on discrepancies between Exonet's inventory and the stock count - by units and dollar variance. The system allows variances to be investigated, with a drill-down to see the time/date, user, location and quantity of each count. At the end of the stocktake, Navigator passes the count totals back to Exonet in order for inventory adjustments to be performed.


Navigator includes an interface allowing stock items to be moved between Exonet locations. As soon as an "adjustment" pickslip is created and saved in Navigator, Exonet moves inventory from one location to another. This technique is used to record damages and stock loss/gains.

Additional Functions

Navigator can trigger the printing of Clarity reports at various points in the process. This is used, for example, to produce invoices or packing slips.