Navigator WMS - Frequently Asked Questions

Navigator WMS is a powerful tool for managing your warehouse. This page lists Frequently Asked Questions and answers. If you have a question which is not answered here, please feel free to email: faq@navigator.com.au

How are pickslips allocated to users?

Pickers request the next pick slip from the system when they start their scanner or voice computer. Navigator automatically assigns the highest priority pick slip to the user to ensure work is completed in the correct order. The warehouse manager may manually assign pick slips to specific users if desired.

There are also various methods available to the warehouse manager to control when and how pickslips are given to users. For example:

I have rush order - can I force this to be picked next?

Simply increase the priority of the order to 100. As soon as the next picker requests work, they will be assigned the high priority job.

What happens if an item is missing from the picking bin?

Navigator supports several approaches to dealing with this scenario:

Can the picker interrupt their process and come back to the pickslip?

Yes. The pickslip is linked to the user and can be retrieved on the same or a different device. This is very useful if stock must be transferred from a bulk bin or a scanner battery goes flat etc.

What happens if my products don't have barcodes on them?

Navigator's voice direction module works extremely well in environments where products are not barcoded. In place of scanning barcodes, pickers can read a check digit off the racking (or the product) to prove they are picking the correct items.

To assist with receiving of stock, you should approach your top 10 suppliers and request that they commence putting barcodes on the products from the next shipment using a registered barcode type like GS1's EAN13. Attempt to clear old stock out of the warehouse by picking the non-barcoded items first.

I need to label our warehouse - what tools are available to assist with this?

Navigator includes a transaction which allows you to perform four steps in one:

At the moment, we have no visibility on bottlenecks in our warehouse. Can Navigator WMS help with this?

Navigator WMS keeps detailed information on warehouse activity. When picking, for example, Navigator records:

By increasing visibility, Navigator WMS can help you to identify warehouse problems including:

Can we prevent stock being stored in a specific location?

YES - Navigator WMS has the ability to "lock" a warehouse location. While this is in place, Navigator will prevent goods from being transferred into the location, however stock may be transferred out of the location to allow the bin to be emptied.

Can we have a QA location and prevent stock from being removed from the bin?

YES - Navigator WMS allows you to mark a bin as a "Quarantine" location. This means that while stock may be transferred into the bin by anyone, stock cannot be removed from the bin without appropriate permissions.

How does Navigator assist with Inventory Accuracy?

There are number of key aspects of Navigator WMS which assist with accuracy:

What type of barcode label printers can we use with Navigator WMS?

Navigator WMS is compatible with most industrial label printers. The WMS is integrated to Seagull Scientific's Bartender Commander product (must be purchased separately). This allows you to design your labels within Bartender's WYSIWYG label editing software. Navigator uses the services of the Commander software to produce labels on demand.