Navigator supports two put away strategies. For companies receiving pallets of stock (both mixed and single item type), Navigator includes simple transactions to transfer the received pallet from inbound staging area to a free bulk storage location in the racking. Navigator allows the putaway operator to scan the pallet they are taking, and the location into which stock will be transferred.

Directed Putway

Navigator's directed putaway module ensures that users move stock from a pallet or staging location into the correct picking location. To start the putway process, the operator scans the pallet barcode to view a list of items on the pallet - including the primary pick location in either put-away or priorty sequence.
As each item is unloaded, Navigator ensures it is accurately placed into the desired picking location by ensuring the correct product and location barcodes are scanned. The system immediately transfers stock within the inventory module, and turns off the replenishment flag for the bin once stock levels reach the desired level.


Business Benefits